Stockkultur - hard handwork
Stockkultur - hard handwork

In the past, this traditional training system was common placed in Austria. Nowadays it is truly a rarity. The Stockkultur adventure began in 2007 with the planting of 4500 Grüner Veltliner vines on an area of just half a hectare in the Steinberg site. In 2010 the first vintage was produced.

working with the horse in the Stockkultur vineyard
working with the horse in the Stockkultur vineyard

The vines are planted 80 centimetres apart from each other. Single posts support the vines, no wire frames are necessary. The vines are pruned back to the basis. Each year the shoots grow again from the bottom up. Despite the workload being four times higher than the wire-frame system, there are significant advantages:

  • completely ripe grapes because of grapes being closer to the ground
  • complex wines with more body and storable for several decades
  • shading and balanced growth because of high plant density
  • better water supply to the vines because of a deeper root system
  • grapes are able to take minerals out of the soil

‘In all a healthier vineyard for a complex and unique wine’

the shoots grow supported by single posts